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BeneThrift offers a unique way to connect with your customers showing you are committed to the community.

When choosing between two brands of equal quality and price, 90% of U.S. shoppers are likely to switch to a cause branded product.

Local Cause Marketing

Empowering your community while gaining business loyalty

Helping causes in your local area is extremely time consuming for all parties involved. An individual or organization looking to raise funding has to do “boots on the ground” outreach to local businesses. This means volunteers coordinating and spending many days, only to be able to query a fraction of what they could and possibly not reaching or thinking about the opportunities that are out there.

On the business side, sometimes these cold call outreaches come at unfortunate times and interfere with day to day business. Then you have to sit down and decide which efforts you want to be involved in. Whether its one person or a whole committee, it takes valuable time to complete and then you start all over again with every donation request.

BeneThrift is the bridge that makes this whole process a breeze, rewards local customers, and in turn grows loyalty from your community to your business.

When local individuals and organizations in need of monetary help create their campaign on BeneThrift, your business has an opportunity to be front and center showing you are a supporter of their cause. BeneThrift is very flexible with businesses but our most common sponsorships are

Contribute your products, services, or gift cards.

These items will be listed with your branding and a link to business information. The items will be available to all local benefit campaigns and the purchaser will see that you are matching their benefit so that 100% of proceeds go to where your customer deems important, often times on a personal level. Businesses have the option of also supporting larger national organizations in the way as well.

Sponsor a Benefit

On a per-benefit level, your business may sponsor and be listed as the sponsor of the campaign. Your branding and link to business info will be listed next to the benefit’s description. A portion of your sponsorship will go towards marketing the benefit across the web and social media. These marketing campaigns are usually targeted to the local area & your potential customer base.

Major Sponsorship

With this sponsorship your branding and a link to business information will be on nearly every page of BeneThrift. No matter what angle a visitor enters our site, your name will be associated with helping people.

Offers and Level Bonuses (Coming Soon)

When a purchaser or item contributor reaches a certain amount of funds raised toward benefits, they are eligible to receive bonuses. Businesses are able to contribute prizes to these super fundraisers. The available prizes will be displayed in checkout and a contributors profile as a goal to work towards, thus driving more funds toward all benefits involved. Offers like Buy 1 Get 1 Free on your products or 50% off a service you offer work very well in this regard.

Earn Sponsorship Credit

Does your business need a new website? Could better search engine optimization or online ads drive more traffic and sales to your business? How is your social media going? Through BeneThrift’s sister marketing programs, they can work directly work with your business and take your online presence to the next mile. With every budget and project that focuses on your business, a portion will double up as credit toward any BeneThrift sponsorship.

Interested in sponsoring?

Contribute Product/Service
Sponsor a Benefit
Major Sponsorship
Offers and Level Bonuses
Earn Sponsorship Credit

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