Contributing Items & Products

Clean the house and raise some funds

The garage is full of stuff you don't use and you need more room. Closets and basements could stand to open up a bit too. BeneThrift is here to help declutter your home AND acheive goals for causes that are personally important to you.

When you recycle your gently used items on BeneThrift, we sell the items to others that would love to own them and 50% of proceeds of the sale go directly to the benefits that matter most to you. If your items are on the website for sale you will see them in your account and you can even share a page that only lists your items. It's like your own little virtual rummage sale.

BeneThrift makes it easy

First, Gather your items

Grab all of the items you want out of your life and put them into easy to handle boxes/bins if available. Then just let us know what you have. While BeneThrift accepts most items, some work best with selling online. Please refer to our item guidleines below:

Items that sell great on BeneThrift:

  • Media (Movies, Books, Music & Video Games)
  • Clothing
  • Toys and games
  • Household items
  • Electronics
  • Sporting goods
  • Collectables
  • And much more

Items we generally cannot take:

  • Furniture
  • Large appliances
  • Broken or defective items
  • Soiled or marked clothing
  • Generally items over 20 pounds
  • Generally large items over 1 cubic yard
  • Perishable food & beverages
  • Opened consumable items

What to expect

Your items can arrive in a few ways:

  • Scheduled Drop Off or Pick up
    We will work with you to a schedule a time that works for you that we can either pick up your items or you may drop off. Note: Depending on the total amount of items, pick ups can add additional cost on our end resulting in a smaller total amount toward selected benefits during sale.
  • Shipping
    We will walk you through the process of shipping your items to BeneThrift if it makes sense to do so. Generally, we like to have a very clear idea often with pictures of what items you would like to contribute. Depending on the amount and quality of items, we will reimburse shipping costs to you. The reimbursement is optional as it adds cost to each item resulting in a minor decrease in funds that go toward selected benefits.

Ready to start contributing?

For inital communications, we may ask for some photos of items. We will either ask for them over email or city SMS text depending on your preference chosen here.

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