How it works

BeneThrift is a revolutionary way to raise funds for a variety of different benefits but most importantly ones that feel the most strongly toward supporting.

Shopping for your Benefit

Buy on BeneThrift and support your favorite benefit

Each and every purchase made on Benethrift supports your chosen benefit with 50% of the proceeds of the purchase. All items are clearly marked with the exact dollar amounts your benefit will receive upon purchase.

Product Contributors

Give Items & pick where half the proceeds go

All items and offers on BeneThrift are generously given to us to sell. BeneThrift gives the contributors a stake in where half of the proceeds will benefit and their items find a happy new home. All items are shipped and sold directly by BeneThrift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shipping premium?
We try to cover the cost of shipping and make it free to all buyers. Sometimes larger items are outside of the window of shipping cost we can cover. For these items, we will add a shipping premium onto your checkout to cover the cost in difference.

What is the return policy?
Since a majority of the money spent on a purchase go directly to benefits, we are unable to take returns as the money is in other hands. As such everything is sold as is and BeneThrift does our best with testing for defections and giving clear descriptions. If you believe you’ve been totally wronged by a purchase, please contact us as we will look at things case-by-case and try to make it right.

How long does shipping take?
Usually between 3-10 business days. Our staffing is thin to keep our costs down so often times some days are “shipping days” and some are “listing days”.

The benefit amount listed is not 50% of the purchase price. I thought this was a 50/50 split?
Benethrift runs similarly to a thrift store or ecommerce store so we do have a certain amount of overhead including staff, third-party fees, shipping costs, and supplies. We adjust this structure monthly and when more and more orders are placed, the less we would need per order. We clearly will show a breakdown of exactly what amount will go to your chosen benefit.

If I contribute items to sell on BeneThrift or buy anything, am I eligible to receive a tax deduction?
Unfortunately, since some benefits we are able to help fund with purchases are not 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, there would be no tax deduction present. These benefits are ones like helping someone fighting cancer with their medical bills. These type of “individual” benefits are very important to us and we feel people helping people is above a tax break and we like to think our contributors feel the same.

If I contribute items to sell, do I still own them? Can I get them back?
Contributing items to Benethrift is a change ownership. Since we would have time invested in trying to sell the items, it’s important our efforts make an impact toward benefits.

I’ve contributed an item, but I do not see it for sale?
We prioritize listing items by expected “saleability”. Lower in popularity items may take weeks or months to make it onto the website while some items may be deemed unfit for purchase online.

Will my items I've contributed only be for sale on
If after 1 month of an item being available for purchase and has not sold, BeneThrift may list the item on other popular online marketplaces. If it sells elsewhere, 50% of the proceeds still go to your benefit. The other 50% goes to cover these marketplace fees and other BeneThrift operational costs.

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