BeneThrift = Smart Fundraising

BeneThrift is an excellent platform to raise funds for individuals, groups, or organizations that are bettering their communities or helping people navigate difficult waters.

While there are many time-tested ways of fundraising, BeneThrift employs a few strategies with the help of technology to maximize potential toward your goals.

How does BeneThrift raise your bar?

#1 - A Choice

Every party involved has a say in who and what they want to help. If it’s someone donating gently used items, someone who buys them or a business looking to empower their community, all have a say in which goals a transaction helps.

#2 - A Product

Family and friends are a key piece to raising funds, especially toward personal campaigns like a cancer battle. BeneThrift gives you easy ways to spread the word to those you want to see it.

However, the farther away of relation and friendship you get, the harder it is to get them onboard with your goal. BeneThrift really shines in gathering help from these acquaintances or outright strangers as they are able to purchase a product that they would be interested in owning anyway AND it gives them the satisfaction of helping your cause.

#3 - A Community

A strong community is built on the premise of people helping their neighbor. Many of our organizations and groups are vital services to their respective communities and we give the visibility for people to help those that strengthen their own surroundings.

Local businesses need and want to help their communities. But going door-to-door asking for their support is hard and tiring for both sides. BeneThrift takes care of this by getting your local businesses on board in helping and letting their community make the choice what they feel is important.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to create a BeneThrift Benefit?
First you will need a BeneThrift account so we can list you as owner. As far as your benefit to start we only ask for a name with contact information and a brief description on what you are trying to raise funding for. Generally, we reach out and speak to you more about your cause and if it’s a good fit we ask for information to transfer funding.

Do I need to be a non-profit organization?
No. We take all kinds of fundraisers, from the biggest non-profits to the neighbor down the street struggling with medical bills. Please note: our benefit list is curated so there is no guarantee to be listed on the website. Each application is case-by-case basis with very few reasons one is declined.

How is funding received?
BeneThrift sends out payments monthly in the form of check to an address or bank account transfer. Logging into your BeneThrift account as the benefit owner, you will see all pending transactions for the current month as well as payment history.

Are there any fees?
We are dedicated to the utmost transparency. Every product sold on BeneThrift has a cost and overhead similar to that of any other thrift store or ecommerce store. We clearly display on every product page exactly what amount will go towards any given benefit. This will always be the amount your benefit will receive as well.

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